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Strength is contagious

Two years ago, I visited My Refuge House for the first time. I got to spend a few days in Cebu learning about the work of MRH and putting on a camp for the girls. It as a powerful and life changing few days on the island. I will never forget the girls I met there, especially Shane and Kim. Two of the youngest girls there. They were small but had a mighty strength. They had endured unspeakable things, yet were fighting for a new life. A life filled with hope and a promise of a new life.

That same summer, I started doing yoga. I was dealing with several health problems and started seeing a Naturopath, signed up for yoga classes, and got serious about what I eat. It was one of the hardest changes I have made in life. But, I think that the bravery and strength the girls of MRH showed to me a month or two earlier, helped me. If they could go through what they had gone through and still smile, dance, and do all the hard work they were doing, then I could choose to do these things that weren’t nearly as hard with a smile.

Since that summer, I’ve regularly been going to yoga and it’s become one of my favorite things. It helps me reset after a long day. It helps me to focus on something else for an hour rather than whatever is worrying me. It helps me to be stronger and more flexible for whatever life throws my way. It’s a small thing I do each week that helps make me better.

Back to that summer with Shane and Kim. Their faces still live in my memory. I look for them in every picture MRH posts of the girls, praying for them and hoping that their lives are restored. And they are why I am MOVING this month for Movement for Freedom. I

want to be a part of their restoration and the restoration of every girl at MRH. Please consider moving with us, it’s as easy as setting a goal and registering, finding sponsors, and moving! You can even do what I did, which is take my normal routine of three classes a week, challenged myself to go five days a week, and asking people to donate a $1 per class. Easy!

So, join us for Movement for Freedom in May. Move your body and change a life!

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