Movement for Freedom

Movement For Freedom is an opportunity to change a life through exercise. 


The goal is to raise funds for My Refuge House, an aftercare home for young survivors of human trafficking in Cebu, Philippines. This home provides comprehensive care for survivors to stand on their own again educationally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  My Refuge House is on a journey of hope, healing, and restoration with survivors and communities impacted by sexual exploitation.


You move, find sponsors, My Refuge House benefits, and lives are changed.


Join the movement and get started here.

Move your body

change a life

Move your body. Change a Life.



who's moving

"I'm committed to ending human trafficking and will be dedicating my yoga practice to the girls of My Refuge House."


"How fun it is to think I can dance or Zumba to help to set girls free."


"I'm a dedicated runner and will be running for the girls at My Refuge House."



join the movement

Below you'll find three simple steps to get started with Movement For Freedom. Check out the steps and get moving!

If you like to move you can help My Refuge House. Register here


Check out our simple rules here


Once you're registered determine how you want to move. If you're a runner, dancer or biker you can join the movement. Maybe you ride a stationary bike, you too can join the movement. Do your kids like to shoot hoops? They can join the movement too. If you're still unsure of how to start moving check out our movement ideas . Go get moving! 

Find Your Sponsors

Finding sponsors for donations can be super easy.  Ask people within your sphere of influence. Look at your social media connections, work connections, church and organization connections. The possibilities are endless. 


Don't be afraid to ask for donations, people want to help. Good Luck!! 


You can also set up your own crowdfunding page at Mobile Cause 

Get Moving

This is where the real fun happens. You get to do what you love. You can begin your movement at anytime during the month of May. This should be a time of fun and fulfillment for everyone involved. 

We can't wait to hear how everyone is moving! Don't forget to Register and be sure to leave us a message about how you've decided to move. 

When you finish your month of moving you can mail your donations to the following or give online:

My Refuge House

255 E. Santa Clara Street

Suite 100

Arcadia, CA 91006


Donate Here

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Restoring One Life At A Time

255 E. Santa Clara Street

Suite 100

Arcadia, CA 91006




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