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As you might imagine, the Movement For Freedom (#2022MFF) tagline Move your body. Change a life. has continued to prove so true over the last year. From our 21 day campus quarantine, to the rebuilding of our campus after Tyhpoon Odette in December 2021, we have experienced even more so how essential movement is to the healing and restoration of our girls...and to the resilience and sanity of our staff.


Movement is an important part of healing for our girls, but we also believe it's an essential piece in the lives of those participating in #2022MFF. We get excited about creating a space where these worlds connect.


We hope that this website will be a resource for your movement journey.

Check out these resource pages in the dropdown menu:

Movement Ideas:

A list of inspiring movement goals and ideas to help get you moving.


Movement Guide:

A more comprehensive document to help you on your movement journey.  Consider downloading and refer to it as needed.

Fitness Partners:

A page to feature all of fitness partners for 2022. Each one is passionate about health and wellness, and about sparking that passion and motivation for wellness in others.


Links to inspirational movement quotes and pictures you can share to your social media. 

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