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movement Ideas
Move your body. Change a life. 


  1. ​Dedicate one day a week of your running. Use an app to keep up with your distance or time.

  2. Run a "5K a day" during the month

  3. Virtual Race -  Do a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or a full marathon on your own and have your friends support you.

  4. Sign up for a Local 5k

  5. Track your time or distance on your treadmill


  1. Dedicate your daily session and ask your friends and family to sponsor that time.

  2. Ask your Yogi to dedicate a class or even mulitple classes to raise funds.

  3. Grab a friend and commit to a weekly session together.


  1. Kids can choose to ride to school everyday for a week or for the month. ​

  2. Cycle around a local park. 

  3. Join a riding group that rides weekly

  4. Dedicate one day during the month to ride a specific route.

  5. Families can ride in their neighborhoods.

Working Out/Lifting

  1. ​Encourage your Crossfit group to join. 

  2. Sponsor a weight lifting competition.

  3. Dedicate your time during personal training or bootcamps.


  1. Dedicate a daily 20 minute walk around your neighborhood.

  2. Walk on your treadmill for a specific distance daily or weekly.

  3. Invite a friend to walk a specific route during the month.

  4. Challenge yourself to walk the longest distance you've ever walked.


  1. ​Put together a group for a day of Zumba.

  2. Dedicate a class or mulitple classes of Barre Fitness.Consider asking your instructor or other class members to join you.

  3. Orgnaize a dance-a-thon

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