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You Are a Wonder Woman

My name is Suzanne Barker and I have been involved in the fitness industry since 2003 and am a partner trainer for Camp Gladiator.

We spend most of our lives being reminded how out of control we really are thanks to things like kids, and the weather. But when I run, for that beautiful and magical hour I feel like I am in control. It is a feeling of empowerment and confidence. In that moment, I feel connected to all women and the power that we possess. Endorphins are the stuff that Wonder Women are made of.

During my trip to Southeast Asia with an organization working towards the abolition of human trafficking, I encountered some hard stuff. A child who was routinely molested by Western politician and whose head was full of lice taking up residence, sat in my lap with the sweetest, excited, and hopeful little face. I did not wonder "God where are you? Why aren't you preventing this" because I knew this is something we humans have been given to fix as stewards of this world — most of us here believe as a God-given stewardship.

In my moments of intentional movement (aka "exercise") I feel connected to this power — a power whose potential may not even be partially fulfilled yet. In the book "Half the Sky", the researchers/authors share that when a whole population is utilized and treated equally and with dignity, we ALL benefit. Minorities, women, the haves AND the have nots — EVERYONE.

We are moving this month to recognize the work of My Refuge House in their plight to raise up these young and powerful women. When their potential is realized, we all benefit. It is for these women and all women that I feel most connected to when I run. It is a moment in time of mental clarity, purpose, drive, prayer and meditation. Take a walk, dance, do yoga and find that power that I speak is always available and is a gift from God who designed our bodies in a way where exercise feeds us physically, emotionally, mentally and especially spiritually.

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